About Generational Research Foundation

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The Generational Research Foundation Wishes To Study & Express The Following Content:

1. A Study of Societal Trends and Patterns

(i.e. demographic patterns, generation definitions and differences, parenting styles, societal and media influence and factors, current events, future trends)

2. How To Live In An Ever-Changing World That Requires Living, At Times, Counter-Culturally

(which includes connecting different groups across barriers)

3. Our Main Objective is Providing Resources In Student Development, With An Emphasis On The Creatives, Especially In The Area Of Music And Art

 (i.e. scholarships, workshops, training)

Information gathered from an ever-growing list of resources,  including, Howe and Strauss Generational Studies, Magid Generational Strategies ( a leading research-based consulting firm that studies human behavior, communication, marketing, motivation, consumer trends,  and generational studies.) and current news on upcoming trends.

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